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Happy Cutie Studio Haul | The Rebel Planner

Today I have a new shop and haul to share with you! Happy Cutie Studio make kawaii planner stickers that are just too adorable! I placed two orders with the shop and both turned our great!

Happy Cutie Studio is an Etsy shop that specializes in kawaii planner stickers. They are printed on matte, removable sticker paper. They are shipped out from the United Kingdom. All of the designs are original and cannot be found on any other shops.

My order with packed in a bag inside of a polka dot envelope then inside of a stiff cardboard mailer. My stickers came safe, sound and not bent.

Both of my orders shipped out the day after I placed it. My second order showed up about a week later.

Scale Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These scale stickers ($2.94) are great to mark weight loss or just for tracking your weight. There is a small white area to put in that weight. I wish these were a bit smaller though.

Pink Happy Mail Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These happy mail stickers ($2.94) are too cute! I love how happy they are! These are now offered in mini size if these are too large for your planner.

Movie Night Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These movie night stickers ($2.94) are different from other movie marquee stickers available. I love that there are little popcorn buckets included in case I don’t want to use the marquee.

Hoover/Vacuum Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These are the most adorable hoover/vacuum stickers ($2.94)! I love that there are different colors too.

Birthday Balloon Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These balloon stickers ($2.94) are going to be nice for birthdays. I already used one! The star balloon is my favorite.

I also ordered a “oops” bag which came with four sheets of stickers. These stickers were supposed to be mis-cut or just mis-colored. But the stickers are absolutely perfect! I’m glad I ordered a bag. They are in perfect condition.

Hospital Appointment Stickers | The Rebel Planner

I’m not sure how I’ll use these hospital stickers ($2.94),  but they are too cute. These would definitely make going to hospital a little less dreary.

Fruit Tracker Stickers | The Rebel Planner

These 5-a-day stickers ($2.94) are to track fruit intake. Not sure if I’ll use these, but they are cute!

Pill Stickers | The Rebel Planner

I wanted to order these pill stickers ($2.94) in my first order but then took it out of my cart. I was excited to see these in my “oops” bag!

Skincare Stickers | The Rebel Planner

I also wanted to buy these skincare stickers ($2.94), but again, took it out of my cart. These are so great to track a new regimen or mark when you did a face mask.

Sampler | The Rebel Planner

I also got a sampler in my first order. I want to order those planner stickers! The little guy is too happy. And the pencil will be great to mark when to write up a blog post.

Overall I’m really happy and impressed with my order. The fact that the owner sent out a “oops” bag with nothing wrong shows me how much this owner cares about quality. I also like how the owner takes requests on Instagram. I suggested a cleaning sampler sheet and she created it! I’ll be ordering one of those sheets with my next order.

Are you into kawaii stickers? Let me know down below!

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