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Oh, Hello Stationery Co Haul | The Rebel Planner

I’ve been wanting to order from Oh, Hello Stationery Co. since I started pretty planning in August, but up until a month ago the shop only offered glossy stickers. But now the sticker store offers both matte and glossy, so I finally made an order! Check out my haul down below.

Oh, Hello Stationery Co. is a sticker shop that operates both on Etsy and on Shopify. I placed my order on the Shopify site. Stickers on Etsy are slightly more expensive. The shop offers both permanent adhesion glossy and matte stickers.

The stickers were shipped inside of a custom made packer shaped like a poppy. It was really cute! The stickers came in good condition.

Dotted Rectangular Boxes | The Rebel Planner

The first sheet I ordered were these rainbow dotted line quarter boxes ($3.15.) There are a ton of stickers on this sheet! I love the dotted stitch around the sticker. It adds something different to my spreads. I ordered these in matte.

Dotted Flags | The Rebel Planner

The rainbow banners ($2.85) are my favorite from the order. They’re something fun! I’ve never had stickers this shape. They have the same stitched border the quarter boxes do. I ordered these in matte.

Bunting Stickers | The Rebel Planner

The last sheet I ordered were these flag bunting stickers ($2.85.) I thought these would look adorable hanging from the top of my days. I ordered these in glossy.

Sampler | The Rebel Planner

The order came with a sampler of some seasonal stickers as well as some decorative and functional stickers.

Sampler Miscut | The Rebel Planner

What upsets me though is how badly cut these are. I know that it’s only a sampler and that I didn’t pay for it, but I would hope that a shop is only shipping out its best quality stickers with orders. While these stickers do still work, it was disappointing to see how badly cut these were.

Overall, I’m feeling just OK about my order. While the stickers themselves are cute, I’m not digging the matte paper stickers. The colors aren’t as bright as some other matte stickers I own and the quality of the paper feels rough. The glossy stickers feel amazing though. That’s probably why the shop sells more glossy that matte stickers. I’m disappointed in the quality of the sampler, but at least it wasn’t something that I paid for. There are some other stickers from Oh, Hello that I want to purchase, but I think I’ll stick to glossy. The matte stickers are just not up to the quality that I like.

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Have you ordered from Oh, Hello Stationery Co. before? What do you think of its stickers? Let me know down below!

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