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Planner Kate Haul | The Rebel Planner

While decorative stickers are really cute, functional stickers make my heart happy in a strange, planner obsessed way. Planner Kate makes my favorite functional stickers and I’m here to share my third order from the shop!

PlannerKate1 is a shop on Etsy that specializes in stickers for the Erin Condren Life Planners as well as personal sized planners. All of her stickers are printed on repositionable, matte paper that is thin and easy to peel off of the paper. My order was processed fast and came with a tracking number. While each sheet is $5 and may seem expensive, the price is worth it for the amount of stickers on each sheet and the impeccable quality. The shop also regularly holds sales and has 10% and 15% coupon codes every day.

Planner Kate Check Boxes | The Rebel Planner

These mini square dots with a white center ($5) come in a variety of different colors. There are over 300 stickers on this sheet! I’m currently using these to track social meeting posts and checking them off when I’m done. I might have to order another sheet though.

Workout Icons | The Rebel Planner

These weights/workout mini icons ($5) are small and take up no room. I’m using these to track the days I’ve been to the gym.

TV Boxes | The Rebel Planner

I needed to order another sheet of these TV icon stickers ($5) since my other sheets were almost gone! I like to stick to the monthly colors and I ran out of the May colors.

Planner Kate Appointment Labels | The Rebel Planner

Blank label stickers ($5) are great to track appointments. I put the time in the colored part and the name of the doctor or appointment in the white space.

Single Dotted Labels | The Rebel Planner

I love the single dot stickers ($5) so much! They look elegant and chic in my planner. I had one sheet but I wanted to buy another.

Planner Kate Sampler | The Rebel Planner

This is the sampler included on my order. Not gonna lie, the emoji stickers freak me out, but everything else on the sheet looks really great!

I’m really happy with my order and I’m looking forward to placing another order soon.

What was your latest sticker order? Let me know down below!

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