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Rose and Gold Wing Overview | The Rebel Planner

So today’s post was supposed to be much different. Originally I had a blue and purple smokey, halo eye in mind, but it didn’t turn out the same as I had in my head. After that I just wanted something simple but impactful and I opted to play with some pigments. And after a half hour of playing, I got this really cool rose and gold flashing eyeliner. Want to know how I achieved this? Keep reading!

This is look is pretty simple to achieve and takes little to no effort. The only things you’ll need are a pigment, some sort of mixing medium and a black liquid eyeliner.

Rose and Gold Wing Closeup | The Rebel Planner

The pigment I used was MAC Rose which is a beautiful rose pigment that flashes gold. It is a stronger, rosier version of MAC Expensive Pink.

To start out, I prepped my eye with concealer and eye primer. Because this look involves no eyeshadow, I wanted to make sure the rest of my eye was one color and my veins were covered up a bit.

Next, I shook a bit of Rose pigment into the lid of the jar. You want just a small amount, but if you put too much/too little, that can be fixed. Next I added two drops of ELF Makeup Lock & Seal. This is a mixing medium that will turn pigments and eyeshadows into liquid. I mixed them together with my eyeliner brush and started to apply it like a typical gel liner. You want to consistency to be the perfect medium between liquid and thick. You don’t want the liner to be too liquid or the pigment won’t show up. You don’t want it to be too thick or it will crumble. If it’s too thick, add more mixing medium and if it’s too thin, add more pigment. It’s all about mixing and finding that perfect balance.

Now I would had stopped there, but I felt like something was missing. Usually on the bottom of extreme wings like this, I’ll add a line of wine to make the liner pop even more. But my black liquid liner was out so I lined the bottom. I wasn’t a fan of that so I kept going and I got what you see here!

To outline the wing, use small, light strokes. Don’t go in and try to outline it in one stroke. It won’t look right. I traced the outline of the wing until I got to my inner corner. Then I cleaned up the line with small strokes. I tried to make the outline as even as possible.

To finish off the look, I added a bit of Buxom Katie lip gloss (like you see in the picture,) but I thought that was too light afterwards and added MAC Domestic Diva. A perfect lip gloss for this would be MAC Nymphette. That lip glass has the same pink and gold shimmer that’s in the pigment.

Rose and Gold Wing | The Rebel Planner

And that’s it! Super simple and would look awesome for a night out or when you want something a little bold.

How do you wear pigments? Let me know down below!

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