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Nail art is something that I’ve been dabbling in since high school. Before Instagram was huge, most of my nail art inspiration came from blogs and YouTube channels like Cutepolish. I’ve used many different tools and gadgets to help create the nail art designs of my dreams, and today I’m here to share with you the four essential nail art tools you need to get started in the nail art world.

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  1. Dotting tools
    Dotting tools are the easiest way to create nail art. Dotting tools allow you to create – wait for it – dots. They’re handy for polka dots, dotticures, drawing eyes or other small intricate details, and work well enough to do some freehand curves and shapes. They come in all sorts of sizes.
  2. Nail vinyls
    On the surface, nail vinyls look a little tricky. But they’re actually incredibly easy to use and make it look like you’ve done some complicated nail art when really all you did was apply a sticker and some polish. If you’d like to learn how to use them, I have a handy tutorial here.
  3. Nail studs
    Nail studs come in a bunch of different colors, shapes and sizes and are cute embellishments to add to a completed manicure. They can be added to complicated nail art designs or to a simple painted nail. If you want your studs to last, I suggest using nail glue to adhere them. But most likely, the studs will fall off within 24-48 hours. They’re great for special occasions.
  4. Brushes
    Brushes are great to draw on freehand designs or fill in small places. These also come in all sorts of sizes and lengths. Shorter ones are great for details like drawing stars, flowers or cartoon characters while long brushes are perfect for drawing on stripes.

And that’s it! With these four tools, you can create an array of different nail art designs. For different nail arts I’ve done with these tools, check out the posts below!

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