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Favorite YouTubers and Bloggers | The Rebel Planner

This past week I’ve been dealing with horrible seasonal allergies. My eyes have been itchy and my nose won’t stop running. I’ve been sneezing like crazy too! Because of that, I don’t feel like wearing makeup. So for this Monday post, I thought I would share some of my favorite YouTubers and bloggers.


  1. Simplynailogical: If you aren’t following her on YouTube, what are you doing? I love all of the work she does with nail vinyls, and her humor is something that was needed in the nail art community.
  2. Elleandish: Janelle does this cutest nail art designs! And I love how she offers different color palettes in case you want a different look.
  3. Llama Loves Lettering: Cindy is my favorite person in the planner community because she does amazing lettering, spreads that look nice but serve a purpose and doesn’t dumb down herself to please the planner community. If you want to make your planner pretty without stickers, go to Cindy’s channel to learn how to do different lettering!
  4. Girlinamagicalworld: This girl does a ton of different spreads each week. I love watching her videos when I need inspiration to plan!
  5. xSparkage: Leesha is the reason I got into makeup. Her colorful and out-there looks made me fall in love with makeup. And I love how bubbly and truthful she is!
  6. Ahitsrosa: Rosalina is the sweetest, upbeat person I’ve watched on YouTube. Her makeup skills are on point and I love how she wears color differently than other YouTubers do. She’s crazy talented, and out of all the YouTubers I watch, I look forward to her videos the most.


  1. Temptalia: If you aren’t reading Temptalia, what rock have you been under? She’s the place for makeup swatches and reviews. I’ve seen products get discontinued and fail because she didn’t give the product a good review. Her reviews are in-depth and thorough, and she provides a ton of swatches.
  2. Peachy Polish: I love the swatches and nail art this blogger does. She comes up with coolest looks!
  3. ChitChat Nails: This blogger has some of the nicest nails I’ve ever seen. Her swatches are amazing too! She’s more of the elegant side of nail art, but does some out there designs as well.

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