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Spring Lip Picks Overview | The Rebel Planner

My favorite part about Spring are the pastel shades I get to wear on my lips. After a Winter of dark, vampy colors, I’m ready to wear my favorite pink and purple shades. Click through to check out my top 5 picks for a Spring lip!

Spring Lip Picks Swatches | The Rebel Planner

Lime Crime Pansy, Kat Von D Coven, MAC Snob, Makeup Forever N18, NYX Eclair.

Above are my go-to shades for Spring ranging from darkest to lightest. I think there is something for everyone and every look. See below to find out more about each shade and how to match it with the rest of your makeup.

Lime Crime Pansy | The Rebel Planner

First up is Lime Crime Pansy. This may seem strange as a Spring lip, but this lipstick is bright enough to make a really cool and unexpected statement. Pastel purples are often the purple of choice, but this dark purple makes for a fun look. This one dries to a matte finish and lasts all day. I like to pair this one with winged liner and just a dusting of cream colored eyeshadow. Pair this with a bright pink blush to tone down the brightness.

Kat Von D Coven

Next is Kat Von D Coven, the more traditional pastel lilac for Spring. This time of the year is probably the only time you can get away with this kind of color, and paired with a strong neutral eye and a warm pink blush, this looks stellar. Don’t be afraid of this lipstick! If it’s too lilac for you, mix a little bit of a pink gloss or lipstick on top. This formula is a little sheer, so it’s easy to get just a wash of lilac.

MAC Snob | The Rebel Planner

MAC Snob is a beautiful satin pink. This is a wearable pastel pink that works for the office. It’s colorful for Spring but muted enough to pair wear with a simple eye and your everyday blush choice. On me it looks a little muted, but on darker skin tones this can look a little more bright and pastel.

Makeup Forever N18 | The Rebel Planner

Makeup Forever N18 is a warm-toned pink that on me looks like a my-lips-but-better shade. It’s on the shear and glossy side but still packs some color. This is my favorite go-to professional and interview color since it’s neutral but still looks like there’s something on my lips. This is the choice for those of you who are wary of bright lips. To make this lip more Spring-like, pair with a shimmering eyeshadow and a bright pink blush.

NYX Eclair | The Rebel Planner

Last on this list is NYX Eclair, and what lip pick list would be complete without a lip gloss? This gloss from the Butter Gloss line is fun for Spring since it is pastel and bright but still looks shear on the lips. This shade has a bit of a purple tone to it and would amp up MAC Snob or tone down Kat Von D Coven.

Spring Lip Picks | The Rebel Planner

I’ll definitely be wearing these colors all season long as well as my bright pink and purple blushes. I love the way lilac lips look in the Spring with my pastel blue shirts and dotted skirts. What will you be wearing this Spring on your lips? Let me know down below!

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