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March Empties Overview | The Rebel Planner

As comes the March Favorites post comes the March Empties post. While I was planning on doing seasonal empties, I realized I gathered too much trash to 1. write about four times a year and 2. hold onto for that long. Check out how I felt about these products after the jump!

I’ve grouped all of the empties into easy to digest groups of three or four. There’s that many products to talk about!

March Empties Face Products | The Rebel Planner

First up are face products.

  1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 0.5:
    This foundation looked amazing on my skin but was a bit too dark for me. I had to mix this with white foundation and that was too much work for me every morning. While I enjoyed the formula, I probably won’t buy this again due to it being too dark. I was hoping UD would come out with a lighter shade in their recent shade extension, but sadly they did not.
  2. L’Oreal True Match Foundation in W1:
    For a long time this was the only drugstore foundation I owned. I was so happy to find that it matched me perfectly! But unfortunately, the formula wasn’t my favorite. It melted off when I sweat and in rain, and transferred on everyone and everything. Because of that, I won’t purchase it again. (BTW, the foundation does not come with the pump pictured. That was purchased from Beauty MP.)
  3. L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray:
    This is an awesome setting spray. It lasted me about nine months and kept my makeup on. While I like other setting sprays more, I’ll reach for this as my favorite drugstore go-to.

March Empties Eyes | The Rebel Planner

Next up are eye products.

  1. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara:
    I’d been wanting to try this for a while and was pleased to get this for Christmas. This held a curl really well but wasn’t thickening enough for my liking.
  2. Milani Eyeshadow Primer:
    This was my favorite eyeshadow primer for a while, but I realized that this creases my eyeshadow – something it shouldn’t do. I’ve found another favorite and I won’t buy this again.
  3. Milani Brow Shaping Clear Gel:
    I’ve never had strong opinions about brow gel and this brow gel fits that description. It held my brows in place, was clear and had a nice wand. Other than that, it was ordinary.

March Empties Nails and Body | The Rebel Planner

Now we are onto nail and body empties.

  1. ORLY Cutique Cuticle and Stain Remover:
    I’ve been using this same bottle of cuticle remover for years after All Lacquered Up recommended it. It did a great job at removing cuticle growth on my nail plate and removing polish stains, but I think after holding onto it for so long it just wasn’t working as strong. I haven’t been able to find it in stores so that’s why I didn’t repurchase it, but I highly recommend this one over any other cuticle remover.
  2. Fortune Cookie Soap Cuticle Butter in Twisted Tea Party:
    This is the second FCS Cuticle Butter I’ve gone through and I really like them. They moisturize well and aren’t too sticky. They also last forever! One pot usually lasts me a year, even after multiple uses a day. However, after two years of use, I’ve realized it contains almond oil, and I’m sensitive to almond oil (this never gave me a reaction though.) While I’m not using it anymore because of that, I would recommend this to someone who doesn’t have that sensitivity.
  3. Fortune Cookie Soap Whipped Cream in World’s Best Cup of Coffee:
    Coffee isn’t the first scent I think of rubbing on my body, so I wasn’t too keen on this. I love the Whipped Cream formula though.

March Empties Misc. | The Rebel Planner

Last up, the products that don’t fit anywhere else.

  1. Simple Eye Make-up Remover:
    I’ve never repurchased something so much and so often. I’ve bought maybe eight bottles of this stuff. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and takes off my stubborn waterproof eyeliner. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find this in any stores I’ve been to, so I’ve switched to the Simple Micellar Water. It works about the same, but I love the Eye Make-up Remover a little bit better.
  2. Jack Black Lip Balm:
    This lip balm is praised by Temptalia and that’s why I bought it. It’s expensive as hell at $7.50, but it works really, really well. I think next Christmas I’ll pick up a set of these and that should last me years. I don’t lose lip balms so I don’t mind spending the money.
  3. Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Hand Sanitizer in The Boy Who Never Grew Up:
    I love the OCD Hand Sanitizers from FCS but hate the name. They smell delicious and don’t dry out my hands as much as other hand sanitizers do. And they are very affordable!
  4. Dior Addict Gloss (Unknown shade):
    I don’t know the shade because this is a mini sample size, but I want to get the full sized product. This was a beautiful coral with golden sparkles. The formula was moisturizing and that perfect balance between opaque and sheer. It wasn’t sticky too! I kept this in my purse for when I wasn’t wearing lip color and I’m going to miss this.

And that’s it for my March Empties! It’s pretty cool to look at this post and see what I’ve finished in such a short time. It’s sad to see some of these go, but it means I get to try out new products.

What products did you finish in March? Let me know down below!


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