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Spring is in full bloom and today I have to share with you my first Spring look. Pastel pinks seem to take over my face once the warmer weather comes around, and my first look for the season is no different. See how I got it down below!

Pink Spring Picks | The Rebel Planner

Blue-based pinks are my favorite to wear in the Spring. There’s something about pastels on my face that just make sense, even though I never wear them the rest of the year.

My first way to wear pink is to wear bright pink blush. My choice is Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface. Pink blush is ideal for Spring after a long winter of dark and rosier blushes. It brightens up the face. I also love lilac blush like MAC Full of Joy. It looks like a blue-based pink on the face but adds more brightness than a pink.

Next, I love pink lipstick. Lipsticks like Limecrime Bright Pink Planet and MAC Snob don’t leave my lips for weeks. Add this lip color to a neutral eye look and you have a Spring look. If you’re not into bright pink on the lips, then a pink-based nude is a better option.

And finally, I love pink eyeshadow. Yes, I know that I’m in the minority, but pink eyeshadow is so fun and unexpected. If worn right, it looks neutral and not like pink eye. Colors like MAC Expensive Pink have a gold shift which makes it more wearable, while shades like Urban Decay SWF are bright enough to look icy and not ill. For my look, I added a red/pink shimmering shade from the Naked Cosmetics Ivory Stack over Makeup Geek Bling. It’s a subtle way to add a red tone to a neutral shadow.

Pink Spring #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

For this look, I added quite a bit of Tarte Dollface and did a thick coat of Limecrime Great Pink Planet.

What’s your go-to Spring look? Let me know down below!

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