A Week in My Erin Condren: March 21 – March 27


A Week in My Erin Condren March 21 - March 27 Overview | The Rebel Planner

Happy belated Easter everyone! I hope that your day was spent with family and eating lots of chocolate. That’s how it should be! This week was a lot of fun to plan. Check out how I did it after the jump!

Although most people did dedicated Easter kits, I did not have the money to purchase one for this year. However, I did have some bunny-themed stickers in my arsenal and I used those for a make-shift Easter theme! The bunny stickers came from Piq in New York City, but they are available to purchase online. I used up the entire sheet decorating and it felt half satisfying, half saddening. I’m sad to see the sheet is gone, but I’m glad it was made to good use in this spread! It turned out simple, whimsical and Spring-like.

I didn’t have a lot to plan since it was my Spring break from college, but that made decorating that much easier since I didn’t have to fill my days with plans and homework assignments. Instead I just played a ton of video games and caught up on my TV shows. And of course I saw friends for my birthday! A few of us went out to this bar the has a chicken and waffles sandwich, a ramen burger and the most amazing drinks. And a friend made a cake which turned out beautiful and delicious. It was a fun night! Unfortunately I never got to write it down! Maybe in the future.

A Week in My Erin Condren March 21 - March 27 | The Rebel Planner

The weekend banner, dividers and checklist is from Ladybugzdesignz. The mini square dots are from Planner Kate.  The customizable TV stickers and Animal Crossing logo are from Abundance of Erica. The adorable blog sticker and luggage is from Sweet Kawaii Design.

What did you do for your Easter spread? Let me know down below!

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