Kiss Design Perfection Nail Vinyl Review


Kiss Design Perfection Nail Vinyl Review | The Rebel Planner

I was perusing the CVS nail care aisle when I found these nail vinyls hanging out alongside the fake tips. I’m glad I checked, because I never thought I would see nail vinyls in the drugstore. I picked up a pack and now I’m here to share them with you. Check out my review on the Kiss Design Perfection Nail Vinyls down below!

Nail vinyls are used to create fun and crisp designs on the nail without doing an freehand drawing. You just apply a base color, apply the vinyl, paint a different color on top and remove the vinyl. You then get a smooth, crisp and perfect design without much work.

The nail vinyls come packaged in slim cardboard packaging. I found them for around $3 at my local CVS. There are instructions and nail art designs you can create on the back of the packaging.

Kiss Design Perfection Nail Vinyl Sheets | The Rebel Planner

The package comes with two sheets with four designs: single chevron, French tip, half moon and skinny chevrons. I thought two sheets was really generous! For $3 I thought I would only get one sheet, but two sheets is really kind… until I realized that to complete one full mani, I would need both sheets. Recently I did a half moon mani tutorial and I used the Kiss vinyls to achieve it. What I didn’t realize at the time is that there are only eight half moons on each sheet. That meant I had to move onto the second sheet to complete my nail art. That means I’m now only left with six half moon nail vinyls – not enough to make a complete second manicure. This was bad thinking on Kiss’s end since nail vinyls can’t be reused.

Nails with Nail Vinyls | The Rebel Planner

Here I used the half moon nail vinyls for the manicure. They were easy to use! I was afraid they would be flimsy and difficult to apply to the nail, but that was not the case.

If you are wondering how to apply nail vinyls correctly, see this in depth tutorial I did on the above nail art! 

They didn’t break when the nail polish was applied (sometimes the thickness and viscosity of the nail polish can break apart nail vinyls,) and I got a crisp line every single time.

While these are good quality, they are not worth the money. $3 for nail vinyls may seem like a steal, but realize that you are only getting one complete manicure out of the pack for the nail vinyl designs. You may get multiple French tip manicures, but the single and skinny chevrons will be gone in one or two manicures.

If you really want a bargain for your money, check out Nail Vinyls (the only other brand I’ve tried) or TwinkledT. $5 for one sheet may seem like a lot, but I’ve had my vinyls for almost two years now and my one sheet of each design is still going strong, even after multiple uses. This kit is nice as a sample to see if you like nail vinyls or to try something different, but if you want to get into nail vinyls hardcore, this won’t be cost effective at all.

Have you tried nail vinyls? Where’s your favorite place to get them? Let me know down below!

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