Fortune Cookie Soap Box Let It Grow Spring 2016 Review


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I’ve been receiving the Fortune Cookie Soap Box since summer of 2014, and it never disappoints. Each box is unique, has a wide array of scents and products and gets me revved up for the upcoming season. Check out my review of this Lorax-themed box below!

FCS Box Spring 2016 Let It Grow

The Soap Box comes with eight products, some full-sized and some are miniature versions. The Soap Box comes out quarterly before each season and costs $19.95 USD, which includes shipping. Each box also includes a $10 store credit that can be used towards a full-sized product from the collection or at any other time. I love that they do that! Most of the products are around $10-$12, so the coupon is helpful.

What I like about the Soap Box is that it lets you test out all of the scents before the full collection comes out. It also allows you to try out products you normally wouldn’t think to buy.

I’ll put the name of the product in bold followed by the description FCS gives on the card that is included.

FCS Guardian of the Forest Fortune Cookie Soap

Guardian of the Forest Fortune Cookie Soap: Clearly the trees wanted us to crush a bouquet of spring flowers and top it off with a squeeze of fresh-cut meyer lemons. They done good!

It smells exactly like fresh flowers with a slight lemon scent. It reminds me a lot of spring. This is a full-sized product.

FCS This Thing? OCD Hand Sanitizer

This Thing? OCD Hand Sanitizer: Bright orange notes blend perfectly with sweet vanilla, and is that  hint of citrusy-lemon and delicate florals I smell? This revolutionary product will change the world as we know it.

This smells really good! The blend of orange and vanilla is strong. To me is smells kind of like a creamsicle! The floral notes come out towards the end as the alcohol wears off. For some reason I found this bottle a lot harder to squeeze than normal. This is a full-sized product (besides the giant pumper size.)

FCS Disco Tree Whipped Cream

Disco Tree Whipped Cream: This one comes fully equipped with seasons, lights, and even a remote control! Not to mention this blend of fresh picked berries, lily of the valley, and sandalwood smells great too!

I’m not a huge fan of this smell. There’s something about it that smells synthetic. The berry smell kind of smells like grape cough syrup mixed with sandalwood. I love the Whipped Creams though. They are really hydrating, non-sticky and sink in nicely. This is a sample size.

FCS Unless Pedi-Bomb

Unless… Pedi-Bomb: Plop this Pedi-Bomb into a warm foot bath, sit back and enjoy a ultra-moisturizing foot soak. Fresh spring water with just a hint of algae, flowing through hyacinths and water lillies, grounded by dirt and oakmoss, earth woods and resins.

Mani and pedi bombs are all the rage right now, so I’m happy to receive one in this box! They’re supposed to help soften cuticles and add moisture. I’m not sure what algae and dirt are supposed to smell like, but I guess good because this sure does smell amazing! This smells like what a floral perfume smells like. It definitely smells a little earthy. I’m not sure if this is full-sized or not since it is a new product.

EDIT 10:24 p.m.: This product contains almond oil. If you are allergic or sensitive to almond oil like I am, you may want to avoid this one or test it on a patch of skin first.

FCS Oh Hai Shampoo Bar

Oh Hair Shampoo Bar: Fresh peach nectar and shaved grapefruit, garnished with a sprig of thyme… this surely is Freshness To-Go!

I smell the peach in this, but there is something artificial smelling that comes to the forefront of the scent. It may be the grapefruit. The mix together isn’t working for me. To use a shampoo bar, just rub it in the hair until a lather forms easily. Usually only a few swipes around the head is needed. In my experience, shampoo bars in general disintegrate easily, so have a container to put the pieces in. This is a sample size.

FCS One C Cuticle Oil

Once C Cuticle Oil: Warms wood swirled with patchouli and topped with a dollop of creamy vanilla. If all those fluffy topped trees smelled this great maybe he would have left a few. Soften and repair dry, cracked cuticles with just a drop or two. For a deep treatment, apply at night before bed.

This is a new product from FCS. I love that they have come out with their own version of cuticle oil! As of this post, I am still working on getting a full ingredient list. I am slightly sensitive to almond oil and don’t want to try this until I know it doesn’t contain almond oil.  EDIT 10:24 p.m.: This product does contains almond oil. If you are allergic or sensitive to almond oil like I am, you may want to avoid this one or test it on a patch of skin first.

As for the smell, this smells delicious. The vanilla comes to the forefront with patchouli towards the end of the smell. I’m sensitive to patchouli and I can see others who have a sensitivity being bothered by the strong smell. I’m not sure if this is full-sized or not since this is a new product.

FCS Paradise Found Petal Perfume

Paradise Found Petal Perfume: Delicate freesia, bruised rose petals, fresh mangoes and strawberries darkened by tonka bean and amber. Beautiful perfection.

This is my absolute favorite scent from the collection! It smells delicious – good enough to eat! At first I smell the flowers, but as the perfume dries down I smell more of the strawberries and mangoes. This perfume lasted me about 8 hours on the skin. Pretty good! I can see this scent working for summer as well. I’m not sure if this is full-sized or not since it is a new product.

FCS In-Organic Shower Steamer

In-Organic Shower Steamer: This explosion of fresh squeezed lemons intertwined with hand picked parsley may tempt you to inhale in excess. Whatever you do… Please Breathe Responsibly.

I love the Shower Steamers so I was happy to see this in the box. However, mine came broken! It’s still usable, but I’m a little sad. You use these by placing them at the bottom of your shower away from the stream of water. It will slowly fizz away releasing a beautiful smell that covers the whole shower. I love these for when I need to de-stress or when I want to pamper myself. I think of them as a bath bomb but for the shower!

This smells exactly like it says: lemons and parsley. Nothing less and nothing more. This is a perfect scent for a shower steamer. This is full-sized, but when you order them on the site they come in a pack of three.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this box. Some boxes are amazing and some are real stinkers, but this box goes in the former category. I mostly love the array of products that came in this box. Usually there are one or two that I don’t like at all, but everything in this box I will use. I also love the scents. Paradise Found has become my favorite FCS scent, right behind Futterwacken and PJP (Polyjuice Potion.) I want Paradise Found as a Whipped Cream and This Thing? as a Fortune Cookie Soap.  I don’t like Oh Hair or Disco Tree because they smell artificial, but I can see someone liking these scents, especially Oh Hair.

The collection goes on sale Friday, Feb. 19 at 6 p.m. CST. FCS usually hosts a Ustream where they give away full-sized products from the collection and share a 20% off coupon for those who are ordering a lot or don’t get the box. The code is only valid for a little while, so you don’t want to miss it!

Get 10% off your first Fortune Cookie Soap order by using this link! (Does not apply towards FCS Box subscription.)

What product or scent do you want to try? Let me know down below!

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