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Rosalina Young, also known as Ahitsrosa on YouTube, has stolen my heart with her bright and colorful eyeshadow looks. She isn’t afraid to go outside of the box and try something different. That’s really refreshing, especially on YouTube!

I was inspired by her recent Limeberry Makeup Tutorial and decided to take it on using the products I own. Check out that look below!

Ahitsrosa Inspired Acid Eye

While I didn’t have the exact same products as Rosalina, I did my best to use the products I had on hand to recreate the look. I think I did a good job!

For my eyes, I started off with a eye primer. Usually I use a white base to make the colors brighter, but I decided not to for this look to keep the color a little more muted against my skin tone. First, I took Thrash from the Urban Decay Electric Palette and packed that onto the inner half of my eyelid and crease. Next I took Sugarpill’s Midori and placed that onto the outer half of my lid and crease. While there are only two colors in the look, blending is Acid Eye Closeupkey to make this look wearable. To blend pigmented colors, I like to take each color into each other. To do that, I take a bit of Thrash and pack it into where Thrash meets Midori, then take Midori and pack it into where Midori meets Thrash. I repeat this process until it is blended. For the crease I just blended the two lid colors into the crease, but to blend even further I took a bit of Thrash and dragged that into Midori, just to make the eye a little lighter.

After applying under eye concealer, I took the two colors onto the lower lash line to mirror the lid and crease. Instead of a bright inner corner like I usually do, I decided to put Thrash into there to complete the round eye.

For eyeliner, Rosalina used two NYX liquid liners, but I did not have those. To keep with the colorful eyeliner, I used ColourPop’s Fast Line Creme Gel Colour. It’s a dark teal that looks almost dark green with the other green shadows. To finish off the eye, I applied Benefit Roller Lash mascara.

My foundation is Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, my blush is Benefit Rockateur and my highlighter is MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Lightscapade. My lip color is MAC Mimmy Lipglass.

Do you think this look is too bright or would you rock this out-and-about? Let me know down below!

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