January Planner Kate Haul


January Planner Kate Haul sign

Today I’m sharing with you my latest Planner Kate haul. After my last haul, I realized that I adore the quality of Planner Kate’s stickers and how much I get on a sheet. I thought I’d order some additional stickers as well as some monthly stickers. Check out the haul below!

PlannerKate1 is a shop on Etsy that specializes in stickers for the Erin Condren Life Planners as well as personal sized planners. All of her stickers are printed on repositionable, matte paper that is thin and easy to peel off of the paper. My order was processed fast and came with a tracking number.

As you’ll see below, her sheets were redesigned. No longer is her Etsy shop name a sticker. I really liked using that sticker to note when I placed an order and when it was set to come in. I was sad to see it go! However, the redesigned sheets are the same size, which means room for more stickers on the sheet as well as easier storage. I like that the labels now come with a row of gray labels that will match any spread.

Planner Kate TV Labels

The first item I got were these TV Icon Stickers ($5). While I like using my Abundance of Erica TV stickers, I don’t have all of my shows as stickers. These will come in handy when tracking one-off shows or a show I just started watching. I got two of these sheets to have six of each color.

Planner Kate Square Stickers

The next were these Mini Square Dots Stickers ($5). I like to use dots when making lists or need to make something stand out. There are so many on these sheet! I also like that these squares fit between the lines in the Erin Condren Horizontal planner.

Planner Kate Astericks Labels

I love these Asterisk Label Stickers ($5) to mark miscellaneous things. I think I’ll use these for meetings.

January Monthly Double Dots February Montlhy Double Dots

Since I like having stickers that coordinate with the monthly colors, I picked up these January and February Double Dots Stickers ($5 each). These are big enough to stand out and fit a lot of writing. The double dots lining the stickers make them feel so elegant!

Planner Kate Icon Comparison

I also received a sampler sheet. This had a double dots sticker, a meal planning label, a daily habit tracker sticker, some mini square icons and some others. The shop recently redesigned the square icons and they are now smaller. I placed the new size on the sampler sheet next to a laptop icon of the previous size. As you can see, the new icons are much smaller.

January Planner Kate Haul

That’s the whole haul! I’ve already started using some of the stickers and I love them all. I thought I wouldn’t like the square dots, but I like how they grab my attention.

What’s your latest haul? Have you tried anything from Planner Kate? Let me know down below!


  • heyehren 01/14/2016 at 11:22 pm

    I love the double dot stickers. I haven’t ordered anything from Planner Kate yet but I definitely will in the future.

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