2015 Nail Polish Favorites


2015 Nail Polish Favorites.

It’s finally here! The end of year favorites posts. I look forward to seeing them from other bloggers, so I thought I’d share my list! Check out my 2015 Nail Polish Favorites down below!

OPI Do You Lilac It?

OPI Do You Lilac It?: This has been a favorite for a while, but I feel like I got more use out of it this year than any other year. I love to wear this with white vertical stripes. It looks really elegant that way.

Zoya Dakota

Zoya Dakota: This one is a real surprise. I’ve always hated red nail polish. It always looked cheap on me. But I love how this is a deeper red and not a bright cherry red. You may have noticed that most of my nail art posts have been with red nail polish. It’s because I can’t keep this polish off of my nails. It’s opaque in two coats and has a lot of depth.

Color Club Blue Heaven

Color Club Blue Heaven: I picked this up when the Holo Hues collection first came out and I never wore it that often. But this year was the year of the holographic nail polish. Every indie brand came out with a holographic nail polish and the community went into a frenzy. This dusty blue is even more fun in the winter. When it hits the sun, it looks like a rainbow on the nails. I need more of these!

Orly Luxe

Orly Luxe: This is another nail polish that I picked up a few years ago. I don’t like gold so I don’t know why I picked it up. It sat in my nail polish drawer for years. Then I put it on my nails and I was blown away. The gold is so reflective it looks like a mirror! I’ve used 1/3 of the bottle I like it that much.

China Glaze Point Me To The Party

China Glaze Point Me To The Party: This is a new polish that came out in the China Glaze Electric Nights collection. This polish is a party in a bottle. It looks amazing over white or black. I love how the neon rainbow colors are different colors and sizes. The whole collection was a winner, but this was the standout polish.

OPI Mermaid's Tears

OPI Mermaid’s Tears: This is also another older polish. I was lucky enough to find this sought-after polish and I’ve hold onto it dearly. I like wearing this one with gold glitter or rhinestones.

My goals for next year are to try indie nail polish brands. I want to try so many like I Love Nail Polish, Starrily, Candy Lacquer and more, but I haven’t taken the plunge. I want to branch out!

What are your favorite nail polishes from 2015?


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