Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Swatches and Review


Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Urban Decay is my absolute favorite makeup brand. Their Naked palettes are known worldwide and their love for color (and naughty names) is what pulls me towards the California brand. I own the first two Vice palettes and felt bummed out that I didn’t get the Vice 3 last year. So, as an early Christmas present, I received the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette to play around. Check out swatches of the palette down below!

Urban Decay Vice Palette and Bag

What’s different about the Vice 4 palette is that there is no button to push to open the palette. I miss that about this rendition of Urban Decay’s holiday palettes. It was magical to see the palette open with the push of a button. It made using the palette feel like the grandeur gesture. Instead, the palette is housed in a oil slick and shattered glass inspired case that keeps closed with a magnet. It came packaged in a zip pouch that shares the pattern from the palette. This will be great for traveling with the palette.

Swatches will go by rows. I swatched over bare, clean skin without a primer. I did three passes of each color.

Row 1 of the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette

Left to right: Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down, Pandemonium.

Bones: Oyster satin with pearl. If this shade is showing up light, that’s because it is. If it shows up light on my pale skin, it probably won’t show up on darker skin tones. This will be nice for a lid color, but won’t work as a highlight shade for me.
Grip: Taupe matte with iridescent micro-glitter. Not sure where Urban Decay gets off on calling shades packed with glitter matte, but this shade is not that. It’s a bit darker than Bones but shares that lack of pigmentation.
Deadbeat: Black satin with micro-glitter. It isn’t the blackest of blacks, but it will work to darken up the crease.
Beat Down: Deep metallic violet with blue micro-glitter. I love this color! This will make an awesome purple smokey eye with Deadbeat to darken it up.
Pandemonium: Iridescent plum with silver micro-glitter. This color is gorgeous and my swatch isn’t doing it justice. Using this all over the lid and in the crease would look BEAUTIFUL.

Row 2

Left to right: Framed, Fast-Ball, 1985, Underhand, Harlot.

Framed: Light neutral matte-satin. This color is a weird one for me. It wouldn’t work well in the crease because it is so light, but it wouldn’t work as a highlight because it’s too dark.
Fast-Ball: Metallic peachy pink with micro-glitter. This reminds me a lot of Fireball, another Urban Decay shade this is available as a single. If you really like Fast-Ball, I suggest checking out Fireball.
1985: Metallic fuchsia with fuchsia micro-glitter. This is a blue-toned pink as opposed to a red-tone pink what UD Woodstock is.
Underhand: Burgundy-brown satin. This color reminds me a lot of Pandemonium without the glitter and a little more red.
Harlot: Metallic lavender. I’m not sure what this color wants to be. Is it purple? Is it pink? Is it taupe? I’m not too sure, but I know it’s pretty.

Left to right: Discreet, Grasshopper, C-Note, Arctic, Robbery.

Left to right: Discreet, Grasshopper, C-Note, Arctic, Robbery.

Discreet: Soft dusty mauve matte. Again, another matte that doesn’t show up very well. I think if I built this up it would look fine, but it’s too dark for a highlight and too light for a crease color.
Grasshopper: Metallic emerald w/green micro-glitter. This shade is gorgeous! The pigmentation on this one is stellar.
C-Note: Frosted green with micro-glitter. This is the color that drew me to the palette. It’s not too silver and muted to look like mud on my lids.
Arctic: Bright teal with tonal sparkle. I can’t get over this color. The glitter in this one is insane and there is a slight green shift. This reminds me of UD Junkie.
Robbery: Deep metallic brown-gunmetal. This color is really… blah. It’s not a bad color, but it doesn’t capture my attention like others do.

Left to right: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar, Delete.

Left to right: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar, Delete.

Bitter: Reddish brown matte. This matte is buttery and smooth. It’s what I expect from UD matte shadows.
Flame: Bright orange with gold micro-glitter. This color is so pretty! It’s very chunky though. I recommend a sticky shadow base for this one.
Low: Brown matte with iridescent micro-glitter. This isn’t a matte at all. Nothing special but nothing terrible.
Crowbar: Black with golden metallic pearl/micro-glitter. This shadow is chunky like Flame but not in a good way. The pigmentation is there, but I can sense there being a ton of fall out from this one.
Delete: Deep chestnut brown matte-satin. This is the best matte in the palette. Gorgeous chocolate brown with a buttery formula.

This palette is still in stock on Sephora’s website and I 100% recommend picking this one up if you can. The colors are gorgeous and unlike palettes in the past, there are no duds in this one. The colors are pigmented and there is a lot of variety in this one. I regret not picking up the Vice 3. Don’t make the same mistake with this one! Expect some looks with this one coming soon.

What holiday palettes are you thinking of picking up? Let me know down below!



  • acasualbeauty 12/18/2015 at 1:50 pm

    Nice review! Such fun ccolors, very tempting 🙂

    • alliesteinberg 12/18/2015 at 3:34 pm

      Thank you! Yes, I love all of the colors in this palette. May not be perfect for everyday, but they are too gorgeous!

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