Sweet Kawaii Design Haul


Sweet Kawaii Design haul

Over Black Friday weekend, Sweet Kawaii Design had a sale that was too good to give up. I’ve been wanting to purchase from this shop for a while, so having 10% off made it happen! Check out my Sweet Kawaii Design haul down below!

The package came in a sturdy cardboard mailer sealed with a sticker. The stickers were inside of a cellophane wrapper that kept them safe from any bending or damage in the mail. The stickers are printed on permanent, glossy stickers which means they will be difficult to remove once placed down. Tesia, the shop owner, does not recommend peeling them up since they will alter the quality and color of the sticker. I have not tried it so I cannot vouch for it.

Itty Bitty Blog stickers

The first sheet I got is the Itty Bitty Kawaii Blog Stickers ($3.95). I put a penny next to them to show the scale of the Itty Bitty stickers. They are tiny but are perfect for people who want stickers in their spreads but need room to write as well. They don’t take up much room.

Itty Bitty Girl Suitcases stickers

I do a lot of traveling between family, school and friends, so these Itty Bitty Kawaii Girl Luggage Stickers ($3.95) are great for marking those times. I love how many I get and the different colors.

Time to Plan stickers

The last sheet I got is the Kawaii Planner Stickers ($3.95). These are the only full-sized stickers I bought. These will add some fun to marl the days that I plan next week! (As if that wasn’t fun enough.)

Black Friday sampler          sampler

Most shops come with a sampler and this was no different. The sampler has a bunch of different holiday and winter themed stickers. But I guess because I ordered on Black Friday I got a second holiday sampler. I’m not complaining! I wanted the holiday lights stickers but decided not to. I’m glad that they came in the sampler.

I’m very impressed with the sticker quality and how fast these stickers shipped out. I will definitely order again in the future.

Have you ordered from this shop? Let me know down below!


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