#FOTD: Surf USA Eyeliner


I was hoping that by playing with color my inspiration would flood in, and it definitely did. I created this striking, colorful eyeliner look using my favorite color combination: yellow, green and blue. I love experimenting and trying out new makeup. I have been doing this since childhood with my sister, who is quite fond of vegan eyeliners. Thus if you are looking for Vegan eyeliner see https://thegreenforks.com/best-vegan-eyeliners/ for an overview.  It has all the best vegan eyeliners with detailed reviews of them.


Unfortunately, I used eyeshadows that aren’t available anymore. I bought them from the MAC Surf Baby collection in 2011. However, the two colors are easily dupable. The yellow, MAC Sun Blonde, is a shimmery yellow and can be found from Sugarpill and Makeup Geek. MAC Surf USA, the blue, is a dupe for Sugarpill Darling.

To create this look, I started out with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and painted on the basic eyeliner shape that I wanted with a thin brush. The white acts as a base for the colors to pop. It also gives the shadow something to stick to. I then worked my way from the inner corner to outer corner. I first placed MAC Sun Blonde, then MAC Surf USA and then finished with Makeup Geek Corrupt, a basic black. I made the eyeshadows blend together by sweeping eyeshadow where the two colors met. For where MAC Sun Blonde and Surf Baby met, I took a bit of Sun Blonde and swept that into Surf USA, and then some Surf USA in Sun Blonde. It’s the easiest way to blend eyeshadows that have stark contrast.

Looking back, I wish I had used a black base for the end of the tail instead of a white base. The mix of the white and black created a gray.

Cleaning up was easy. I took a pointed cotton bud and traced that outside of the liner. Very simple!

I finished by softly sweeping Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach into the crease for some definition and placing Makeup Geek Ice Queen in my inner corner and under the brow. I also took some of the leftover black and took that under my lash line.

full face

For the rest of my face, I placed Benefit Rockateur and MAC Lightscapade on the high points of my face to create a glowy, flushed cheek. On my lips is Buxom Katie lip gloss.

I hope that this colorful phase I’m in doesn’t fizzle out soon. I have so many more ideas that I still need to create!


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  • charmedchristy 10/24/2015 at 5:00 pm

    Love the different pops of color! charmedchristy.wordpress.com

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